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Figures from the Global Carbon Budget 2021

This page has been superseded by the 2022 release.

Download the entire fossil CO2 dataset (1750–2020) and its documentation from the Zenodo archive

Full scientific documentation is available in Friedlingstein et al. 2021.

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These figures appear in the Global Carbon Project's 2021 release. For additional details, and explanations of all figures, please view the full presentation available here. For alternative visualisations of our data, see the Global Carbon Atlas and Our World in Data.

Our intention is that these figures and data are used. That's why they're released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Simply put, you may freely copy and modify these figures and data, and use them in both commercial and non-commercial works, as long as you give credit to the Global Carbon Project.
If you're just tweeting a figure or using a figure in a presentation, then it already says at the bottom that it's by the Global Carbon Project, so you're good to go! If you use the data or modify the figure then you will need to make a little more effort.
For details on the license, visit the Creative Commons website. Suggested citation for use in a book: "Used with permission of the Global Carbon Project under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license."

To download figures or data, use the Download menu to the upper right of each figure. The precision provided in the data files is not indicative of certainty. For example, the data file says that global emissions in 2020 were 34.80726 GtCO2, but this should be quoted as 34.8 GtCO2. CSV data files have been prepared for many but not all figures on this page.

Slide 08
Atmospheric CO2 concentration
Slide 09
Perturbation of the carbon cycle
Slide 12
Global fossil CO2 emissions
Slide 14
Contributions to change: Countries
Slide 15
Forecast of atmospheric concentration
Slide 18
Global fossil CO2 emissions
Slide 19
Emissions of the top six emitters
Slide 20
Per-capita emissions of the top six emitters
Slide 21
Kaya decomposition: China
Slide 21
Kaya decomposition: USA
Slide 21
Kaya decomposition: EU27
Slide 21
Kaya decomposition: India
Slide 21
Kaya decomposition: ROW
Slide 21
Kaya decomposition: World
Slide 24
Global emissions from coal, oil, gas and cement
Slide 25
Global emissions from coal, oil, gas and cement
Slide 26
Contributions to change: Categories
Slide 33
Cement carbonation uptake
Slide 35
Global energy use by category
Slide 36
Changes in global energy consumption
Slide 37
Energy use: China
Slide 38
Energy use: USA
Slide 39
Energy use: European Union (28)
Slide 40
Energy use: India
Slide 42
Global land-use change emissions
Slide 42
Land-use change gross flows
Slide 43
Global fossil and LUC emissions
Slide 46
Global carbon budget: Cumulative
Slide 47
Global carbon budget
Slide 48
Maps of sources and sinks
Slide 50
Airborne fraction
Slide 51
Ocean carbon sink
Slide 52
Terrestrial carbon sink
Slide 54
Land and ocean sinks
Slide 55
Latitudinal variability of fluxes
Slide 56
Carbon imbalance
Slide 57
Changes to atmospheric CO2 since 1850
Slide 58
Remaining carbon budget
Slide 65
Global CO2 emissions by region
Slide 66
Global CO2 emissions per capita
Slide 67
Global emissions and intensity of the economy
Slide 68
Emissions intensity of the top four emitters
Slide 70
Emissions intensity and GDP by country
Slide 71
Emissions per capita and population by country
Slide 72
Comparing perspectives on emissions
Slide 74
Emissions by continent
Slide 75
Per-capita emissions by continent
Slide 77
Consumption-based emissions for the top four
Slide 78
Per capita Consumption-based emissions
Slide 79
Consumption-based emissions for OECD
Slide 85
Cumulative share of emissions by country
Slide 83
Global emissions by source
Slide 86
Cumulative share of emissions by continent
Slide 84
Share of global emissions by source
Bonus figure
Global energy use by category
Bonus figure
Changes to atmospheric CO2 two years

Selected Country Figures

United States of America
United States of America
United States of America
United States of America